Be top donor to DNS x Artists DAO

DNS x Artists DAO are raising funds to host NFT artists during Art Basel Miami. As a reward for donating, donors will receive: a set of NFTs, $HOUSE governance tokens, and public recognition from the DAO.

What is DNS? DNS is aiming to build a social layer for crypto whereby DNS connects all of an Artists’ NFTs and socials from different platforms or blockchains into one place.


  1. Support the Tezos ecosystem by earning rare NFTs and donating to a DAO created specifically on Tezos.
  2. Be top donor to receive a dedicated shout out from the DNS for marketing and publicity of StakerDAO with the intention of attracting more participation into the StakerDAO community.
  3. StakerDAO will own a percentage of the utility/governance token, $HOUSE, by donating tez.

Art Basel Miami attracts like-minded individuals all over the world during Dec 1 - 5 to network and appreciate art. Hundreds of Tezos NFT creators are also attending to showcase their works. StakerDAO has the opportunity to not only support the burgeoning Tezos NFT community but also establish a relationship with another DAO created on the Tezos blockchain which can then be leveraged to encourage the growth of StakerDAO.

How to do it

  1. Currently there is only ~200 tez donated to the DAO. This information is useful to know in gauging the appropriate donation amount to be the top donor.
    a. Current top bid is 50 tez
  2. Allocate tez specifically to become top donor to DNS x Artists DAO
  3. Win items, own $HOUSE governance/utility tokens, gain recognition for supporting this DAO.

How much to allocate
Keep in mind, 1 tez = 1 $HOUSE token and there is a total amount of 100,000 $HOUSE tokens.
Considering consensus from STKR stakeholders, an amount of 100 - 1000 tez would set StakerDAO to be top donor and own 0.1% - 1% of the DNS governance/utility token

Downside Risk
1000 Tez is not sufficient enough to be the top donor.

Either Way

  1. StakerDAO supports the Tezos community.
  2. StakerDAO wins rare NFTs and earns $HOUSE governance tokens.
  3. StakerDAO gets publicity/recognition for supporting another Tezos DAO.
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