Community Marketing Bounty Program

I propose that StakerDAO establish a treasury for community members to earn bounty STKR rewards for various activities that would increase StakerDAO’s engagement and awareness. A Marketing Committee would be established to manage the list of desired engagement activities as well as the bounty that is offered for each item. While any community member can pick up a bounty, bounties are designed as a gateway for new community members to begin contributing to StakerDAO with a clear deliverable in mind.

Potential Examples of Bounties:

  • Write an article about StakerDAO and/or its products
  • Produce and share a video about StakerDAO
  • Create and share positive Memes
  • Encourage translating and sharing StakerDAO in languages other than English
  • Get StakerDAOs tokens listed on CoinGecko, Blockfolio…etc
  • Attend Community Calls
  • Host Community Calls
  • Tweet/Share/Retweet…etc
  • Moderate and fight FUD and misinformation
  • …etc

Step-by-step to claim a bounty:

  1. Check the StakerDAO Bounties sheet or #bounties in Discord to learn of new bounties
  2. Contact the bounty creator to check if any other community members are currently working on the bounty
  3. Complete the bounty
  4. Contact the bounty creator directly with the bounty deliverables
  5. If the bounty creator deems the work acceptable, provide the bounty creator with your wallet address with which to receive the bounty reward.

At the end of the month/quarter, the Marketing Committee will send STKR bounties to community members who completed the bounties.

All paid bounties will be listed in the rewards distribution document posted at the end of the month for the community to see.

Feel free to expand on this topic with ideas. Cheers, -Mike


I like this idea aolot!

I would structure it as follows:

  • a proposal allocates X STKR to the bounty program
  • whoever is responsible for distributing rewards records and makes available the public distribution of funds once per month (or quarter)
  • once the “bounties” are spent, another proposal can be made to add more STKR to the campaign if the community wants to continue it.

I would think $10,000 in STKR tokens would be a good amount to get started

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good idea I think.
Few people knows STKR and Blend,I thhink we should promote our project

nice!i think thats a good idea!

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