I am an ordinary investor. I have something to say. Thank you

I’m a little confused about what I’m investing in this project. I can’t see any information or hope. if it’s a fund, but it can’t be redeemed, something can only happen passively. If it’s a bull market, it’s OK. But if bitcoin plummets, people can only accept the loss of the plummeting, and there’s no way

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Hello @Cch thanks for joining and for your comment. We have a redemption solution launching soon, so please be patient for the next few weeks and I think you will be satisfied with the resolution. We will be sending out an update to registered BLND holders with the details in the next week or so.

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Hello, Mr. Jonas, I have observed some of your reply to other investors before. Will it be based on the governance token put in by the customers who buy blnd to give value in the future, or is it just a boring full repurchase? Because the bull market is booming and time is money, we can’t wait for blnd to have more value instead of simple investment and buy back

If I invest in this coin and then market collapse so is there security of my money what I invest in your coin?

Hi Jonas,

Indeed it is a very beautiful gift that you gave us. I am not unhappy to have invested in this project. Thank you.

On the other hand, I am a little disappointed to have paid 1/4 more expensive in presale, discovering a pool of liquidity open on Uniswap since September.

Do you have an explanation?


Hello and thanks for your comments. I will assume you are taking about Blend. If you are a Coinlist minter of Blend, then you received the recent updates with the many upgrades coming to Blend, and you should have also recently received your STKR governance airdrop. But we are always looking to make the product better. Please join us on the StakerDAO discord to share your ideas! https://discord.gg/BEEdSWZ5

I actually received the STKR airdrop thank you. I can’t wait to see the rest