Proposal 001 - Hello World (5L8KhykYa)

This is the first proposal submitted by the Staker Operations team (Ops) based on STKR token holder feedback. The primary purpose of this proposal is to introduce the StakerDAO governance process. In this proposal, we propose potential product offerings in the near future for which development and release is dependent on STKR token holder interest and community debate. As always, the StakerDAO Council (Council) will review the proposal in conjunction with community feedback and vote.

Proposal Items:

  1. The following individuals are selected for the Council for an initial 1 year term:
    • Jonas Lamis
    • Olaf Carlson-Wee
    • Luke Youngblood
  2. Ops and Council will propose 2 additional council members for ratification in the February 2020 proposal
  3. Ops is to prepare a proposal for February 2020 to launch a PoS tracker token
  4. Ops is to initiate research on single token tracker for Tezos and/or Cosmos
  5. Ops is to initiate research on an algorithmic stablecoin for the Tezos network


ITEM 1: Jonas Lamis is an experienced operator in the PoS space, specifically within Tezos and is the Founder and CEO of StakerDAO. He has thought deeply about the various aspects of how StakerDAO can be successful. Olaf Carlson-Wee is a well-respected and highly sought-after investor through his firm, Polychain Capital. He also is a strong proponent and backer of the PoS and staking derivatives space. Luke Youngblood is an experienced crypto ops leader at Coinbase. We welcome all three to the Council.

ITEM 2: The community is encouraged to submit council member suggestions on the Staker Agora Forum at

ITEM 3: Ops will release materials around a basket methodology, fees, and other necessary details for the community to discuss. These materials will be released at

ITEMS 4 and 5: Ops will begin internal research and release to the public as the work is developed. The community is encouraged to begin informal discussion and debate at


The risks contained in this proposal are minimal. Ops is focused on structuring StakerDAO and the tokens that support it in a manner that mitigates both security and regulatory related risks. Additional risk related items are discussed on the StakerDAO forum.

Deliverables/Technical Specifications

STKR contract


STKR Agora



Feb 2020: PoS tracker token proposal submission

Q2 2020: Single token tracker proposal submission (tentative)

Q3 2020: Stablecoin proposal submission (tentative)

The submitted proposal includes a SHA-256 checksum of this attached document:

Jan 2020 Proposal.pdf (41.6 KB)