Proposal 004 - Validator Selection (5L8KSzBZx) Implementation

Status of April Proposal Items: 2/3 items completed. Additional details below.

  1. Ops team, in conjunction with STKR token holder feedback, is proposing the following validators: StakeNow, HappyTezos, Figment Networks, Cryptium Labs, CryptoDelegate, and Staked. Further information related to allocations per validator is below.

In Progress: This selection has been noted and will be implemented once Blend is live.

  1. Ops team is proposing to broaden the scope of emergency powers to the Staker Council.

Completed: No further action needed.

  1. The minimum market cap for potential inclusion into the Blend basket will decrease from $500mn to $300mn.

Completed: No further action needed.

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