Proposal for StakerDAO Strategy Committee

Our Background:

In early June DeFiComrade asked the StakerDAO ops team if they would support a Strategy Committee run by community members that can help create and grow the future of StakerDAO. And the Ops team loved it! So, DeFi initially chatted with a few active community members (TungHN, devetec, whattheclap]) about this and they all were interested and wanted to form something too. From there DeFiComrade posted in various discord channels about the Strategy Committee, and from there more members expressed interest and joined (Maros, philipf, tgw, and viktoliu). After a month of discord chats, a handful of calls, and talking to the Ops team, this proposal is what the initial StakerDAO Strategy Committee came up with!

Our hope is for this proposal to pass so it can legitimize our work and give us the resources necessary to carry out our goals and actions. We also want to directly support the community by bringing more community members into the Strategy Committee, especially as we expand into other chains. By passing this proposal it will legitimize our role in the StakerDao community and allow us to directly support and work to scale the StakerDAO organization and community. We feel this is necessary for the future of StakerDAO and to allow the organization to begin to operate in a more successful decentralized manner.


Vote in the first 9 members listed below of the StakerDAO Strategy Committee to begin carrying out our goals and actions listed below. The Strategy Committee will begin meeting weekly, and send out weekly updates to the StakerDAO community of our committee’s progress and latest StakerDAO Ops updates.

DeFiComrade, devetec, Graham, Maros, philipf, tgw, TungHN, viktorliu, whattheclap

Note that this proposal is not a specific outline of what our official positions are, or the full ability of the committee. Rather this is a first document that outlines the beginning of what the Committee will directly focus and take action on, while we continue to grow and figure out the best purpose of a community-run Strategy Committee.

Every January and July the Strategy Committee will review all proposals from the last year and figure out if there are any amendments necessary. For every proposal that the committee feels needs amendments, it will be discussed at the semi-annual Strategy Committee meeting open to the entire community. Of course the strategy committee (or anyone in the StakerDAO) can propose additional amendments at any point in the year, this is just a time for the committee to make larger structural changes depending on how StakerDAO has scaled over the last 6 months. The options are endless as a decentralized government and future should be!! :tada::tada::tada:


As a member of the Strategy committee, each committee member will initially be awarded 10,000 STKR per month. This will continue for 6 months and then the committee will provide a new compensation proposal. At today’s price of $0.05 / STKR, this will allocate $27,000 in STKR tokens. To show our commitment to StakerDAO, we will not be selling STKR on any exchanges for at minimum the first 6 months.

Strategy Committee Goals:

The goal of the strategy committee is to:

  1. Form a core group of StakerDAO community members that will help form the structure and roadmap of the StakerDAO and represent what the community wants

  2. Oversee and carryout marketing and PR work to promote and scale the StakerDAO community and organization

  3. Create and run the StakerDAO incubator

  4. The goal of the incubator is to bring members from other partner blockchain orgs into StakerDao to build additional products in the StakerDAO ecosystem (similar to what Graham has done with PINT on Polkadot but more consistently and with the financial support and resources of the Strategy Committee) so we continue our growth and trajectory of StakerDAO to be crosschain focused.

  5. Support community members that are old and new in the StakerDAO community, and work to teach and show all of them StakerDAOs potential and potential growth through proposals

Our current 6 month plan for the StakerDao & Strategy Committee:

***over the next four months we will try to add 6 more members to the strategy committee (2 current StakerDAO members in August, 2 Algorand experts in September, 2 Polkadot experts in October)

  • Mid July:
  • End of July- early August: wALGO
    • Staker Dev will release wALGO
      • Has not been released yet due to a problem on Algorand’s side but will be out by the end of July - early August.
    • Strategy Committee
      • Focuses marketing StakerDAO and wALGO to the Algorand community and gets as many new community members as possible
      • We are essentially the first DeFi project on Algorand so there will be a lot of community interest and we need to capitalize on the release
      • Potential for lots of new developers and potential future projects in our incubator, so want to make them feel as informed and welcomed as possible
  • Fall: PINT
    • Strategy Committee will prepare for release of PINT on Polkadot to market and get more community members to join in a similar fashion that we did with Algorand
      • Anticipating a lot new community members through Polkadot and we expect to be one of the largest projects on Polkadot
    • You can get all the PINT updates from their twitter @polkadotindex
      • Be sure to follow it and spread support when you can!!
  • November: Incubator
    • Announce Staker Strategy Incubator via proposal that outlines more specific goals, financial needs, expectations, and roadmap for the Incubator program
  • January: First Committee review
    • After 6 months of the Strategy committee working together we will:
      • review all of proposals submitted through the strategy committee and propose any necessary changes
      • review current governance of committee and StakerDAO as a whole and make any proposals for necessary changes
  • March: One year STKR anniversary
    • Have a fun event or something exciting for the community!!
    • Potentially plan a STKR airdrop
    • Figure out and pass a proposal that values STKR for STAKER holders in a new way
    • Announcing the first Staker Strategy Incubator project!
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