Proposal for STKR Value Increase

The main thing the Strategy Committee has been talking about the last month (besides how our formation should look and occur and the general StakerDao roadmap) is how to improve the value of STKR and improve our farms.

For more information on the Strategy Committee, review our other proposal “Proposal for StakerDAO Strategy Committee”

Proposal Part 1: Buyback of STKR

  • Spend $2500/week ($10,000/month) to buyback STKR circulating both on XTZ and ETH exchanges for the next 12 months
    • We must do further research on both chains to understand the breakdown of STKR. We will likely focus on a larger buy-back on XTZ, but will report back to the StakerDAO community in the next two weeks our findings
  • The buyback of STKR will be put into a Strategy Committee MultiSig Contract
    • Will be used to fund any proposals done by Strategy Committee or finance community member proposals that we support
      • These funds will then be up to the Strategy Committee on how to use and will be put in Strategy Committee incubator
    • STKR purchased back in this manner will be locked for 12 months unless used by the committee to fund a proposal
  • The goal is to:
      1. Consistently support the price of STKR every week over the next 12 months by taking a portion out of circulation
      1. Use the STKR to later fund incubator program and also finance any proposals that the Strategy Committee supports and wants the community to vote on
  • In January we will revisit this proposal and decide whether or not we should start burning, buying back more, buying back on Eth, and buying back more or holding more

Proposal Part 2: Update current farms

  • Target $1M Liquidity in the XTZ/STKR farm and $1M liquidity in the ETH/STKR farm.
    • Set Staker rewards at a target 100% APR until this liquidity is met or for 90 days and then revisit.
  • Allow the XTZ/kUSD farm to be deprecated following its initial 4 week run.
    • This liquidity pair is now available at a much higher APR via Crunchy, and Kolibri is soon launching their own liquidity mining campaigns.
  • Allow the ETH/wXTZ farm to be deprecated following its current 4 week run.
    • Liquidity mining for wXTZ will continue with the xtz/wxtz pair.
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