Staker Improvement Proposal (SIP) Template

This page is to provide a template for those who wish to submit proposals to be executed by the DAO.

By following this template for proposal submission, proposals will be more thorough, detailed, and present a much more professional Governance process.

A Staker Improvement Proposal (SIP) should include:

  • Title: Staker Improvement Proposal - 0xx: [title of proposal] [Date]
    • Gives a topic to what your proposal is about. Set the context.
  • Summary
    • Brief description of what this proposal is about.
    • 3-4 sentences max.
  • Abstract/Proposal
    • Expanded summary introducing the proposal, what it entails and details around what would change should the proposal be implemented by the DAO.
  • Motivation
    • Describe the motivation behind the proposal, the problem(s) it solves and the value it adds. Make sure to explain why this proposal is necessary for the DAO.
    • The ‘Why’
  • Specifications
    • Technical details if applicable.
    • Go into deep detail around the changes that will happen both on a technical and social level. The more detail, the better.
  • Benefits
    • Point out the reasons this proposal should be voted for
  • Drawbacks
    • Most definitely highlight any drawbacks this proposal will bring if implemented.
  • Costs
    • Will this proposal require a budget and/or engineering to implement?
  • Notes
    • Provide any supporting documentation that will present a stronger proposal.
    • Link forum discussion and/or Discord chat here

By having the above sections to any proposal, there will not only be more structure to proposals but also have a more professional looking Governance page.