STKR farm on Ethereum

Maros proposes a new STKR farm with support from Stateless Money


To further increase liquidity in the ETH:STKR liquidity pool on Uniswap, we propose the creation of a new STKR farm on the StakerDAO farm.

A similar solution was already implemented with WXTZ / ETH trading pair, that’s why I think it’s very easy to implement this slight change with a possible huge impact.

A user shall be able to add liquidity to the ETH:STKR Uniswap liquidity pool, and stake the LP tokens generated on the StakerDAO farm.

How this benefits the Staker Community

While the ETH:STKR trading pair increases liquidity depth, those that want to “go long” on Staker will be able to earn additional STKR rewards.


We believe that 750,000 STKR should be dedicated to this campaign.


The farm should be launched by the team at the earliest convenience, and run for a total of 90 days.


For creating this proposal, Maros asks $200 in STKR tokens from the Community Treasury.

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要有好的流动性上线Coinbase 、Binance是最佳选择,其他的都是浪费时间!

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