STKR Farms on Tezos: The Next Generation

StableTech (Tezos Stable Technologies) proposes 3 yield farms to yield STKR token. These would include the Quipuswap LP tokens of 3 hard-backed stablecoins:

• Deposit XTZ / USDtz Quipuswap LP tokens and yield STKR
• Deposit XTZ / ETHtz Quipuswap LP tokens and yield STKR
• Deposit XTZ / BTCtz Quipuswap LP tokens and yield STKR

Request for comments: To the StakerDAO community, before defining the terms of this proposal, what lessons from the first release of STKR Farms on Tezos and its respective proposal terms can we apply so to optimize this proposal? What’s working well? What could be better?


Thanks for the proposal Kevin. Forgive me as i am new here and was not present for the first iteration of yield farms. Is the ultimate goal here to provide liquidity for the the stablecoins as well as TVL for staker dao ?

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What happened to the update to the BLND basket proposal (adding DOT etc)? (Sorry this is off-topic, but I didn’t see the voting result and outcome.)

This will provide means of earning STKR token by staking something that must be backed by converted hard collateral for USD, ETH, or BTC, coupled with equivalent amounts of XTZ token to produce corresponding Quipuswap LP tokens respectively. The LP tokens alone can earn interest from transaction fees, but by collateralizing the LP token in StakerDAO you can also earn STKR token. win-win!


I think this is a great proposal. Adding another Farm to the Tezos chain is always a great idea.

Right, got it ser. I have been farming on other networks and involved with DAOs for quite some time as well but i am just new here and trying to get caught up. What i was asking was if the ultimate goal was to provide more liquidity for the pegged assets as well as providing TVL for staker dao. I think maybe the additional benefit is getting them in the hands of (hopefully) governance participants. I think at some point we ought to consider a mechanism that incentivizes participation in governance as well because at this point it is very limited. At least from what i have seen

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This is a great idea, we need to provide a solid foundation and build up DeFi further on Tezos

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