Test Proposal 1: How to write a proposal


Title: Test Proposal 1: How to write a proposal

Description: This is the first proposal to be tested on the Staker Governance V2 Mainnet contract. Future proposal creators can use this proposal as a template for what they should include in their submissions. This proposal will be subject to a test vote using mainnet STKR tokens, but with a shortened duration and a lower threshold of tokens necessary to submit and approve the proposal.

While there is no specific action related to this proposal, future proposals should identify the community member(s) and / or developer teams that will take action if the proposal is approved.

While there is no bounty or payment necessary for this proposal, future proposals should summarize the funds that will be allocated from the Staker Treasury for this proposal as well as any specific terms and conditions.

Link to Forum: A link to this page. Test Proposal 1: How to write a proposal

Email: The email of the proposal creator, so they can be reached to follow up on details. jonas@stakerdao.com.


In order for the community to adequately evaluate a proposal, the proposer should submit as much detailed information as available to make their case. Most great ideas will be incubated in the Discord Forums, and will have broad community consensus prior to being formalized via governance vote.

This section can include links to discussions on Discord and within this forum.

When proposing a major project, such as a new product or significant feature, be sure to work out the deliverables and timeline with the selected team, and have them provide a detailed quote for the work. Include that here as an attachment or link if appropriate. The community discord is a great place to discuss funding projects in detail and to determine the best model of using STKR tokens or other incentives available in the treasury to fund the project.

Governance on DAOs in general, and StakerDAO in particular, is a new and evolving concept. There is no one right way to do things, so be creative and feel free to propose changes to the governance process itself!